5 Tips To Achieving Your Goals

Happy New Year!  I’d like to share some of the strategies I use personally and professionally with my clients to achieve goals.  Whether you are a new year’s resolution type of person or not, most people start the new year hoping to achieve some improvements in their life for the coming year.  Whether it’s financial, personal or health-related the first few months of the year herald an opportunity for change.  But in my experience, a lot of these resolutions/goals are long forgotten by June and part of the reason is in the execution.  So I thought I’d share how I set my goals up to really create change and manifest success.  Here are my top 5 things to do to create goals that you can achieve.

  1. Be Clear.  Firstly the clearer the goal, the easier it is to aim for.  Something vague like “losing weight” is harder to work towards.  If you have a weight loss goal, write the exact number you would like to weigh down and work towards that.  If you have an income goal or a savings goal with a specific number attached to it it will be more meaningful to your subconscious mind (more about that later).
  2. Be Realistic.  If you need to lose 20kg, it may be easier to break that down into achievable chunks.  Start with the 10kg number and once you reach that, readjust the goal again. Similarly, if you have a fitness goal of running a marathon with no running experience, perhaps the first goal is to complete a 10km fun run, building distance and time from there.
  3. Visualise the Goal.  A vision board is a very powerful tool in combination with strategic goal setting.  There are a few online options to create this; dreamitalive is good but Pinterest is also just as good and you can set your vision board to private on that platform, so your goals are for your eyes only.  It’s important to look at these images daily to imprint them in your reality.
  4. Tell Your Subconscious Mind.  Your subconscious mind knows no difference between what is real and what is imagination.  This is such an important thing to know about our potential and is very helpful in relation to goal setting.  When writing your goals, the best and most powerful way to help them actualise is to write them in the present tense.  So if your goal is to conceive a baby this year, write “I am pregnant” if it’s weight loss “I weigh” and so on.  By reading your goals (and visualising them) in the present tense you are literally telling your subconscious mind that that is your reality and then it creates that reality.
  5. Take Steps. Of course, you also need to take steps to achieve those goals, if your first goal is to run 10km, going for short jogs to improve cardiovascular fitness will help to reach that goal.  Having said that, I have written down goals that I had no idea how I was going to achieve them and by taking the above steps, found myself presented with opportunities that allowed them to occur!

These steps have helped me to take my very simple goal setting techniques to a new level and create some amazing realities for myself and my clients.  I hope this helps you create what you desire and deserve in 2020.

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