Top 5 Water Priorities for Optimal Health

Drinking and consuming water seems like such an obvious part of being healthy to me that sometimes I forget to talk about it with my clients. The human body is 70% water and our brain is over 80% water so providing adequate hydration to our body is essential to long term wellness.  Given how important this nutrient is, I thought I would share my top 5 priorities when it comes to consuming and using water for optimal health.

  • Ensure you are drinking enough. This one seems simple enough but nearly every day I see a client who doesn’t consume nearly enough water (most people need 1.5-2 litres per day).  Sometimes it’s as simple of filling a 1 litre glass bottle on your desk and aiming to empty it once or twice during the day to help you get there.
  • Water quality is everything. Chlorinated water is designed to kill bacteria present in the water, and guess what it does in our large intestine? Kills precious bacteria that are responsible for keeping us healthy.  In my opinion, we need to consume water that has at the very least had the chlorine filtered out.  My personal preference is to filter out all of the other toxins that can be found in our drinking water by using a Zazen filter, use SHW753 to receive 10% off all products.
  • What are you showering in? Did you know that your drinking water is 3 times more toxic when heated? Chlorine and other toxins (heavy metals) are vaporised when heated, allowing them to be more easily absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs and skin.  Shower filters are cheap and easy to install too so there are no excuses.
  • Coffee and booze add up. Like a cup or two of coffee?  Cheeky wine at the end of the day? These drinks are diuretic which means they cause dehydration. What this means is for every glass of coffee or alcohol that you drink you will need to drink an additional 2 glasses of water to re-hydrate.
  • Go for glass. A lot of people buy water daily in plastic bottles or even order it into their home in large plastic containers.  Often this plastic has been left in storage facilities at high temperatures which can allow the plastics to leech toxins into the water.  Most plastic bottles containing water that you purchase from the shop also recommend not re-using the bottle for this very reason.  The best way to store your water is in a glass bottle.
If you’re interested in maximising your health, reducing toxins and facilitating more detox then drinking good quality water is one of the most critical first steps.

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