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Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Ubud, Bali

Everyone who knows me knows I love a good health retreat, whether it be a juice cleanse, healthy mini-break or a detox retreat, there is nothing more regenerative than having a break to focus 100% on your body, mind and … Read More

My Week of Learning and Fun – HLC 3

I’ve just returned from an amazing experience over in NSW.  It involved staying at  the stunningly beautiful Billabong Retreat, nestled in the tree tops near the Blue Mountains.  Apparently it was “study/education” but when you love something it doesn’t feel … Read More

The Most Enjoyable Way to be Super Healthy and Vital

We’re all so busy these days with hectic schedules and the demands of daily modern life that we often overlook the most simple things when it comes to our health and wellbeing. I have mentioned this before and will no … Read More

Primal Body Primal Mind

My interest in health and wellbeing has stimulated a keen interest in uncovering credible sources of information, not only to increase my own knowledge and experience but also to pass on to clients and loved ones as a way of … Read More

For a healthy lifestyle – keep it simple!

There’s so much information these days about absolutely everything to do with health and wellbeing. Not to mention fitness and weight loss, you only need to google these words to find yourself lost in hundreds of thousands of references to … Read More