I Had the Pregnancy and Birth I Dreamed of

For a few years, my husband and I have followed a lifestyle very similar to the one Sarah teaches her clients, so when I went to see her for the first time, Sarah gave me some useful tips to tweak my nutritional choices further. This was in the hope that when we were ready to try for a baby, the nutritional component of our lifestyle would be as good as it could be. Around the same time, we made the choice as a couple for me to come off the contraceptive pill and track my cycle. Again, in the hope that when we were ready to try for a baby, I wouldn’t have to try and re-balance my hormonal system (after being on the pill for over 10 years).

I attended Sarah’s Fertility Workshop to try and gain further information to help us out. Sarah spoke about optimal nutrition for falling pregnant and throughout pregnancy. She busted a number of myths surrounding traditional recommendation of foods and really gave me the tools and guidance to further support our goal. I felt like the information in the mainstream conflicted with our normal eating habits and so, I felt like I really couldn’t find information that resonated with us. Sarah provided that.

My then fianc√© and I decided that after our wedding in April of 2017, we would try for our baby. Just a few weeks later when I took a pregnancy test after my very regular period didn’t arrive, I couldn’t quite believe, that we were pregnant and had conceived only a week after the wedding, a week after trying. Our little boy was born in January of this year and is such a joy. We feel blessed to be parents, to be his parents. I had the labour I envisioned for myself, natural, empowering and including a physiological third stage. I produced so much colostrum, my midwife was shocked and have exclusively breastfed Arlo with no issues.

My experience was/is such a positive one and it’s my hope that Sarah’s message is received by more and more women trying for their little ones. We are so grateful to Sarah for her guidance, support, and friendship. We cannot thank her enough.

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