Healed From Chronic Gut Issues

“I was referred to Sarah by a very trusted friend who had similar symptoms to me, saw my frustration at my existing treatment and who ultimately received outstanding treatment.
I had a digestive issue relating to a trip to Indonesia which were exasperated by misdiagnoses and treatment by my GP. It seems that robust understanding of digestive issues and their treatment is held by only a few committed practitioners.
Even though Sarah is in WA, being treated from NSW was easy using technology and a regular schedule. Sarah mapped out her approach but even when my symptom recovery was not linear (due to GP related prescriptions), she adapted and showed great support.
When it was required, a technical specialist in prescribed complementary medicine was ordered by Sarah to enhance our results. A smart collaborative approach.
Apart from recovering to a similar level of pre-travel health through Sarah’s guidance, I have learnt a lot from her very comprehensive understanding of physiology and nutrition.
I would fundamentally recommend seeing Sarah because she has the knowledge. My comprehensive research identified Sarah as the proverbial needle in the haystack.
She is also super lovely.”

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