A Chat Between Friends

When I came to see Sarah I was feeling at my absolute worst. Not only was I overweight but I was suffering with so many different symptoms in my body. From chronic hay fever and allergies, headaches, muscle pain, sleep apnea, reflux and more. When my wife fell pregnant with our first baby, I knew something needed to change.

With Sarah’s help, I have learnt some amazing tools to help with my weight and sleep. Even finding out what foods work best, and foods to only have once a fortnight. With her help, I improved my health on all fronts with most symptoms being mostly mild now and some now completely gone for the first time in my life!

Sarah’s bubbly personality makes her sessions seem like a chat between friends. Rather than a session where you are just told what to do. Working with Sarah was great. She not only takes an interest in your health, but lifestyle, family, and even your personal interests.

If you want to improve your health, well-being, and life, Sarah is definitely worth booking in to see.

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