Changing Habits

I came to see Sarah to see if she could further improve my health. I never thought that I was living a real unhealthy lifestyle to begin with, but there were some habits that I knew that if I didn’t change now, they would affect me later down the track.
I was always hungry, which meant I was always eating. So one of the biggest changes I made was not what I was eating, but how many times I would eat. Or my constant “picking” at food, which would turn out to be 3-4 servings of food. Even though it wasn’t “bad” food, it would still impact how my body would feel.
I learnt a lot about myself as well. The fact that I didn’t spend much “down time” and always go go go, really showed through my daily habits. This also changed and can now step back and see the difference that can make.
Sarah is such a great health coach, because she guides you in the perfect direction for yourself and adapts to you. Not only is she very understanding but extremely knowledgable in her work. She caters for all, and for that I am very thankful for what she has done for me.

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