I’ve Stepped Off The Eating Rollercoaster

For years and years, I have been on an eating rollercoaster.  I lead a very busy life and I was constantly moving between being ‘good’ and being ‘off the wagon’ on a regular basis.  The knock-on effect of this was a rollercoaster of emotions, restless sleep, low energy levels, bloating, irregularity and trying every quick fix that was out there.  So I finally bit the bullet and went to see Sarah after a recommendation from a friend, and from following her positive Instagram page. 

Sarah was approachable, relatable and honest.  I felt I could discuss my concerns with her openly and it didn’t matter how small the issue was.  After our sessions together I have been able to change my eating habits and routines so that I am still eating plenty, but I no longer have regular binge sessions.  Her suggestions were achievable and realistic, and therefore I have been able to maintain them.  I did fall ‘off the wagon’ once or twice but I was able to get myself back on track and didn’t regress to the levels I have previously.  Eating regularly and eating well meant less bloating and better regularity, which then meant more energy levels and positive emotions, and therefore more sleep!  I am still following Sarah’s tips in relation to eating, sleep hygiene and relaxation (when I can!) and I will continue to do so.  I have already recommended Sarah to some family members and friends as I know she has a lot of knowledge to share.

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