My Body is Working as it Should

When I came to see Sarah I had been suffering with digestive & hormonal issues for over 5 years. Having suffered an eating disorder, then living a mostly vegan diet that I thought was ‘healthy’, I couldn’t understand why I was constantly gassy, bloated, exhausted and in pain. I was also not menstruating and this to me seemed like a drastic sign that my body was out of balance.

Sarah suggested we make dietary and lifestyle modifications to help me heal my gut and improve nutrient absorption. She also helped me understand that the way I was exercising and even how I was sleeping may also be affecting my hormones. Sarah changed my life and I’m so happy I found her. My digestion is much better with very little bloating now, energy and mood have improved significantly and most importantly my period comes every 28 days, as it should.

If you’re suffering with any similar issues and feel like your body isn’t working as it should Sarah is a seasoned professional. She takes the time to explain everything and help you understand why your body is reacting a certain way. I couldn’t have made the changes without her knowledge and amazing support and would personally recommend her to anyone. Worth every penny.

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