My Fibroids Completely Disappeared!

I had done 3 years of IVF prior to starting to see Sarah. At that time, my mood and attitude towards fertility and getting pregnant was very low as I continued to get disappointing results which seemed to get worse over time. I went to a workshop run by Sarah to get some tips but decided not to start health coaching with Sarah as I was already overwhelmed with the IVF process and couldn’t bear to take on just another thing to deal with my fertility.
6 months later, and after more disappointing results, I thought what the heck, can it get any worse? So I started doing some health coaching with Sarah. After seeing Sarah, I dropped 5 kg which I had gained through the IVF process and I was feeling happier and healthier. My sleep cycles improved and I felt so much less stressed. I thought, this is great and I was happy with these results.
However, I was truly amazed when I got the following medical results.  In January, I was diagnosed with fibroids in the uterus after a specialist saline scan. Two different doctors told me that they would need to surgically shave down the fibroids before I did my next IVF treatment for the best chance for a successful result. I spoke to Sarah about it and Sarah recommended foods that I should stay away from to assist in bringing down the inflammation in my body. After doing this diet, I asked my doctor whether I should do a further scan before doing the surgery. I was told that fibroids don’t go away on their own and I would need surgery. So, I did the surgery. My doctor was shocked to find that the fibroids were gone!
Although I haven’t reached my goal of getting pregnant, after seeing Sarah  I am so much more positive about my prospects!

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