Reshape My Lifestyle


I connected with Sarah to help reshape my lifestyle and start my journey to health after pregnancy and then a few big health scares. She has been fundamental in guiding and supporting me as we worked our way through my unique needs. It got bumpy along the way at times and having Sarah with me helped to keep me accountable and stay on track.

I lost 10kg and totally smashed all of my health goals. My digestion and sleep improved out of sight. I started moving my body. And most of all I began loving myself for perhaps the first time ever. So much so that I was confident enough to prance around in my lingerie in front of a camera for a boudoir photoshoot! This would never have been imaginable 6 months ago!!! I’ve set up new healthy lifestyle habits and have found a new normal which exceeded my expectations about what was possible for me.

Sarah knows her stuff and she is a living embodiment of her work and I totally trust her. The lifechanging experience has been absolutely worth the investment.

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