Nutrition for healthy fertility and babies

Nutrition for healthy fertility and babies

I attended one of Sarah’s fertility seminars as recommended by a friend who noticed how frustrated I was at trying to fall pregnant. I really enjoyed Sarah’s presentation and resonated with what she was saying so I decided to work one on one with her.

We had been unsuccessfully trying to fall pregnant for over a year and as far as I could see, we were doing everything right. After a few sessions, Sarah identified some key areas around my diet and lifestyle that required change to help increase my chances of conception. I was worried that the changes would be challenging but was pleasantly surprised to find them easy and I found myself actually enjoying food for the first time a while.

About a month after making these changes, I felt a little different around the time my period was due and although not wanting to get my hopes up, tested. I was very pleasantly surprised to see a positive result.

I’m so grateful for having made those changes not only for the gift of fertility but also because I will be sharing my healthy eating habits with my little family. I genuinely can’t imagine eating any other way.

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