Success is about consistency

I’m a Motivated Person But Sarah Helped Me to Stay Consistent!

  I am a 25 year-old female and Sarah has assisted me for over 6 months now with my main goal about achieving a healthy life balance and achieving consistency. I have always been very motivated and hardworking and often … Read More

I Have Seen My Zest for Life Return!

Nearly six months ago I decided to make my health and wellbeing a priority and I made my first appointment  with Sarah.  When I first met with Sarah my goal was to develop some healthy habits that I could maintain … Read More

24kg Weight Loss Transformation in Only 6 Months

It was September 2012; and I just returned from an overseas trip to Europe – weighing in at 97kg… Loosing weight was always at the back of my mind; but lifestyle and business priorities always took precedence. I considered that … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions 2013

Well 2013 is well under way now for most of us.  The fun and craziness of the Festive season is becoming a distant memory as the reality of the day-to-day sets in once again.  It’s during this period from New … Read More