Thank You For Helping me Have a Beautiful Healthy Baby


I met Sarah when my body was a bit of a mess. Although I had lost a lot of weight already, I wasn’t happy with my body or how I looked. I was obsessing with food and exercise and felt at a loss as to how to manage myself. I was also extremely tired all the time from the constant stress I was under.

Sarah helped me learn how to let go to some of the unhealthy attachments I had to food, exercise and even self image. Over time I started to develop a healthier relationship to food, myself and even started to notice an improvement in my energy and hormones.

A year later I fell pregnant and now I have an amazing little girl. I love her more and more each day and am so grateful for such a wonderful and healthy baby.

Sarah, I just wanted to say thank you. You continue to be such an inspiration and positive influence. I’m sure if I hadn’t have got my eating and hormones/cortisol levels under control that I wouldn’t have conceived . I tried my hardest to have a healthy pregnancy it was tough as I just generally felt so unwell the entire time . But being educated about food and living this lifestyle makes for an easier postpartum period. I also recovered very well if not easily from my caesarean.

I would recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to make authentic, long term changes to their health or mindset, I’m so glad I did.

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