Wholefood recipes

Eating Organic On A Budget

I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of organic food for long-term health so I thought I would share some tips to help you incorporate more into your daily life. Most people are aware that conventionally grown fruit and … Read More

Five Steps to Healthier Hormones

In my nearly six years of working as a Nutrition and Lifestyle coach, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a client that didn’t have hormonal imbalances of some sort. If our hormones are out of balance we will feel foggy, … Read More

I Had the Pregnancy and Birth I Dreamed of

For a few years, my husband and I have followed a lifestyle very similar to the one Sarah teaches her clients, so when I went to see her for the first time, Sarah gave me some useful tips to tweak … Read More

Amazing Consequences from Reducing Inflammation in the Body

My health had really fallen away as a priority over the last few years, as I had cared for my partner through his cancer treatment up until his death. I had given up my regular sports, opted for the easiest … Read More

All About Fat

Lately, in my one-on-one client session, I’ve been talking a lot about Macronutrients, so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts with you guys. When we talk about nutrients in relation to food, we typically focus on Micronutrients and … Read More

My Body is Working as it Should

When I came to see Sarah I had been suffering with digestive & hormonal issues for over 5 years. Having suffered an eating disorder, then living a mostly vegan diet that I thought was ‘healthy’, I couldn’t understand why I … Read More

Adventurous, Free Spirited, Happy & Thriving

I remember the first time I heard of you. I was in year 12 and my mother kept nagging me to get in touch with you. Being the stubborn 17-year-old that I was, I absolutely refused because I didn’t believe … Read More

A Chat Between Friends

When I came to see Sarah I was feeling at my absolute worst. Not only was I overweight but I was suffering with so many different symptoms in my body. From chronic hay fever and allergies, headaches, muscle pain, sleep … Read More

My Food Journey

I can’t remember when I started dieting, I guess it must’ve been when I was very young in high school, back in Colombia, where we are raised as women to look great, but taught to take shortcuts to do so … Read More

Looking 10 Years Younger and Feeling Amazing

I booked in to see Sarah Hopkins as I had heard from others in the wellness industry that she specialises with inflammation in the body and autoimmune diseases. I was so glad I made that first appointment with Sarah as … Read More