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Healing Osteoporosis has Improved Everything Else Too.

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis ten years ago and my levels had dropped drastically, so the Doctor told me I had to have the injection twice a year. When I looked up the side effects from the drug I thought … Read More

A Message From My Gut

  Wanted to share this funny email from a darling client of mine, cleverly written in the third person from the perspective of her gut. Her name has been changed to protect her anonymity. I can’t tell you how glad … Read More

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I Wanted to Get My Health Back on Track

  I came to see Sarah after being recommended by a friend who had had great results working with her. I was suffering with the after – effects of a virus and this combined with PCOS had me worried about … Read More

I Feel I Can Achieve So Much More Now with Better Health

  I was constantly thinking about my weight, feeling tired, mentally fuzzy and didn’t want to continue to feel so ‘blah’. I wanted to make some changes and I was ready to but wasn’t sure where to start and how … Read More

Life with Rafael – First Foods, Sleep and Parenting

It’s been 4 months since I last blogged about my motherhood journey so far and a LOT has changed (obviously) so it feels appropriate to share some of the more significant happenings here. Rafa is over 7 months old so … Read More

Coconut Vanilla Gummies

So the obsession with gelatin gummies continues! But when searching for a different recipe, I wanted some variation on the fruit theme, partly for aesthetics (look how pretty the red and white look together in the pic!) and partly to … Read More

Life with Rafael; Eats, Sleeps and More.

They say the first few months of baby’s life are the final trimester so it seems appropriate to share the first three months of Rafael’s life here on the blog. And who knows, perhaps I’ll keep making regular updates. I’ve … Read More