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Finally I Have My Period After 5 Years

  I HAVE MY PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never did I think that I would be so excited to say this, haha! Gosh, it’s been one heck of a learning curve, with many amazing practitioners (you included) on-board supporting me through this incredible … Read More

A Miracle Fertility Story

  I just had to share this beautiful email that fell into my inbox last night. I literally cried with pride and happiness for my beautiful, brave client. Hi Sarah, I’m not sure if you remember me but I came … Read More

All Round I Have Become a Better Version of Myself

  I came to meet Sarah for the first time when she spoke at a gym I was a member of. I always remember how great she was and what she was saying made complete sense. But at that time … Read More


10kg Weight Loss was Just the Start

  Physically, I wasn’t feeling right. I knew losing weight would be the start and went to see Sarah on a friend’s recommendation. Sarah taught me about ‘what not’ to eat and ‘what time’ to eat. In a few months … Read More

I lost weight and improved my cholesterol readings!

  Thank you Sarah for helping me achieve my health goals. I came to you mainly for help in establishing a healthy, balanced lifestyle that I could sustain over time. And you delivered it! With you support and guidance, over … Read More

My Second Trimester – Food, Moves and a Medical Scare

As I write this second instalment, I cannot believe how fast this journey is progressing. I have to confess to being a little clueless when it comes to counting weeks and knowing which week represents which trimester. A typical pregnancy … Read More

My Period Returned After an Absence of Over a Year – Hurrah

Everything happens for a reason 🙂 One day, while trawling through the internet in an attempt to find some answers to health issues I was experiencing, I came across Sarah’s website.I read through her “about me” section only to find … Read More

I’m Proud of My Choices and at 50, I’m Finally Setting Goals!

  Sarah is more than a learnt coach she has a deep, honest and caring insight into people and the way they behave and why. She literally cut through my stories and excuses and in just a few weeks I … Read More

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I Achieved Chronic Pain Relief as well as Healed Persisting Gut Issues!

  As a healthy person and having already reduced my chronic back pain after switching to a Paleo diet two years earlier, I still had pain. My chiropractor suggested I see Sarah for further healing. After our initial consultation I … Read More

I Was 51 and Feeling 101!

  Health begins with diet and lifestyle I went to see Sarah after experiencing three major health issues in one year – hyperthyroid, whooping cough and glandular fever. I was beyond tired, suffering ongoing urticarial rash, not sleeping well, overweight … Read More